Tampa Auto Injury


Tampa Auto Injury

Mattos Medical Group has been providing treatment for auto injury since 1998.
If you have been injured in an auto accident the choice you make for treatment is extremely important. It will affect you in getting healed from your injuries and your settlement with the insurance company. Call and get a proper evaluation by a doctor who specializes in treating pain and injuries from auto and motorcycle accidents. We accept PIP insurance.

Everyone claims to be an expert but few are. We have been expertly treating auto injuries since 1999 Our patients come to us by word of mouth from satisfied patients and from referrals from primary care doctors.

Most doctors that treat auto injuries get their patients from advertising or paying to be a member of an 800 call someone number. In other words, they get their patients because they pay for them and we get ours because we get them well. Which expert do you want to trust your injuries too?

If your injuries are not properly treated they can become permanent. You also need proper diagnosis and documentation from a doctor that knows what he is doing to receive the best settlement.

Some of the symptoms associated with an auto accident include:
Neck Pain
Severe Headaches
Muscle Stiffness or Spasm
Low Back, Leg or Sciatica Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pain in Shoulders, Ribs, & Neck
Knee and/or Ankle Pain
Elbow and/or Wrist Pain
Numbness and Tingling
Difficulty Sleeping
Memory Loss
Difficulty Concentrating
Stress/emotional complaints

AUTO INJURIES CAN BECOME PERMANENT. If you have been in an accident see our doctors that specialize in this type of injuries. Research has shown that injuries may not be felt for hours, days, weeks or even months in rare cases.

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