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Have you been concerned about your physical health or your stress level?  Do you suffer from physical pain that impacts your ability to work, exercise, play with your children, train, dance, or do the things that you love?  Have you been injured in a car accident?  Have you been injured in another sort of accident, or do you have chronic pain that you have not been able to resolve?  Are you looking for a way to feel better?

Are you under stress these days, like the rest of us?  Could you use some support to help you cope with and manage the stress that comes from your daily life during these difficult times?

I would like to help you get back to the place where you want to be – pain-free, free to move and use your body in the ways that nourish you, and better equipped to deal with the stresses of daily living, so that you can get on with your life.

Do you have other questions about your health?  Have you had some health issues that you have not known what to do about?  Is it affecting you in ways that keep you from living your life fully?  Would you like to either learn some things or get some help that could change the direction of that?

I will listen to your history, evaluate your condition, and see what among the types of treatment I practice can help you. Or I will help you get connected to another practitioner of either Western treatments or other Natural Therapies that could help with your condition.

I like to educate people and help them understand what is happening with them, and help them learn how to help themselves.

For more information, please give me a call at (813) 871-2950, or email me at info@mattosmedicalgroup.com

Kenn Mattos, A.P., D.O.M. – Mattos Medical Group

Mattos Medical Group
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Mattos Medical Group provides general practice medical services for family members of all ages in the Tampa Bay area for over 19 years and offers a wide variety of treatments ranging from western to eastern philosophies.

Conveniently located in Tampa, Florida.  Mattos Medical Group uniquely offers a team treatment approach called Integrative Care to help you achieve your healthcare objectives. Integrative care combines the best practices of Acupuncture Treatment, Injection therapy,  General Practice, physical therapy, and laser therapy. The doctors and therapists work together to address the underlying causes of your problem to help you get free from pain, heal faster, and regain your quality of life.

In most cases, more than one type of treatment is needed to achieve the fastest pain relief and the most complete recovery. This was our motivation in developing Integrative Care for our patients This way each patient’s treatment plan can be customized to address their unique needs. By offering the best of each type of treatment, we can provide more effective and comprehensive care “under one roof.” Of course, instead of integrative care, you can choose to receive care from a single provider if that best fits your needs. Why don’t you visit us to discuss your case with one of our doctors

Should you have an existing problem or incur an auto accident injury, for example backache, whiplash, sprained ankle, or knee problems, our qualified therapists will assess the injury and help rehabilitate you. For more specific problems we have a wide range of professionals.



A Message from Mattos Medical Group

A recent report about our medical practice that aired on a local television station questioned the process used to administer stem cell injections to our patients. 

We want to assure our patients that the trained, medical professionals who are on our staff are solely responsible for administering injections.

No stem cell treatments are administered until the patient has met with a member of our staff for a consultation to review the process and obtain all of the information needed to make an informed decision.

If you have any questions, please contact Ana Milena Gonzalez at 813-871-2950 or email mattosmedicalgroup@gmail.com.