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Anti-Aging Medicine

Stem Cells used in Regenerative Medicine to reduce the fast pace of aging by way of cloning younger, healthier cells to repair tissues in aged cells in the body.

The main focus of Mattos Medical Group, well-known for Stem Cell Therapy in Armenia Avenue Tampa Florida, is to aid our clients live a better and more productive life, in a way that we can help them be more confident with themselves. For years we have been able to promote a safe and effective therapy that addresses various concerns that comes with aging.

Aging gracefully is what we want to instill in our clients, by staying healthy and active even when they are in their senior stage. Mattos Medical Group is known for providing natural treatments for anti-aging. These are created to lessen age-related diseases through our specific dietary exercise, natural hormone replacement therapy and nutritional supplements.

Here at Mattos Medical Group we firmly believe that Anti-aging medicine is:

  • Scientific
  • Evidence-based
  • Well-documented

Numerous studies have clearly proven that proper exercise and balance diet greatly impacts the physical condition of an individual, making these modest diet interventions an effective way to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Functional medicine

Baja Testosterona

Que debería saber el hombre sobre la testosterona baja? Si los niveles de testosterona caen por debajo del rango normal algunos de los síntomas típicos puede incluir:

*Deseo sexual bajo
*Disfunción eréctil
*Irritabilidad o depresión
*Reducción de masa muscular
*Inhabilidad para concentrarse y retener buena memoria
*Ostopenia y Osteoporosis

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Mattos Medical Group Feria De Salud

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